Dog Owner
[Twitter Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: NYPD]

A 28-year-old New York man jumped into the Hudson River at 43rd Street and 12th Avenue at around 5 p.m. while trying to save his dog.

According to an NYPD Special ops tweet, a dog-owner had jumped into the water after his pet accidentally fell in.

Ironically, while he could save his drowning dog, the man found himself unable to return to dry land.

The man and his dog were lifted out of the river and towed back to shore by the NYPD’s Harbor and Emergency service after responding to phone calls from frantic eyewitnesses.

In the NYPD Special Ops team tweet, they wrote, “Great work by NYPD Harbor & ESU rescuing a male that jumped into the Hudson River to retrieve his dog that accidentally fell into the water.

The male was unable to return to land, responding personnel quickly removed both the man & his dog to safety.”

The NY Post reported that the man was taken to nearby Mount Sinai West Hospital for treatment and is expected to recover fully.



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