Nicolas Cage Flying Squirrel
[YouTube Screen Capture/Fair Use/Credit: Dish Nation]

During the premiere of Nicholas Cage‘s latest film, Pig, he revealed that a pair of flying squirrels made him realize that his wife, Riko Shibata is the one for him.

The newlyweds made their official red carpet debut on Tuesday.

Cage told Entertainment Tonight that he met Shibata in Japan and asked her if she had any pets. When she replied that she had two sugar gliders, Cage immediately thought, “That’s it. This could work out.”

During an appearance on his brother, Marc “The Cope” Coppola’s radio show last August, Cage proudly announced that he had proposed to Shibata through Facetime and FedExed her engagement ring to Japan.

The pair got married in Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel on February 16, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Wearing a handmade bridal kimono, 28-year-old Shibata walked down the aisle to her favorite ballad, “Winter Song” by Japanese pop band Kiroro.

This is Cage’s firth marriage and Shibata’s first.



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