Comfort Dog
[Photo by skycaptaintwo/Creative Commons License]

They’re not called ‘Man’s best friend’ for nothing. Whenever we feel down, dogs always step up bring us comfort.

Case in point; Nine golden retrievers were flown in from different U.S. states to South Florida to help Miami Surfside condo first responders cope with the emotional toll of the collapse.

The retrievers are on standby at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church, while therapy dogs from Miami Dade County Fire Departments are on site of the tragic accident.

Comfort dogs have developed a heightened sensitivity to all forms of distress and are a well-proven and powerful therapy for anxiety and depression.

Miami Dade Fire Department veteran, Capt. Shawn Campana looked at it from a scientific point of view, “When we humans pet dogs and our fingertips touch their skins, our bodies release oxytocin.”

The Oxytocin hormone produces feelings of happiness and comfort; first responders need a lot of it right now.



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