Officials from a national park in northern Maryland caution that a new and massive type of cicada is emerging; they have disproportionally large black eyes and like to scream.
[Photo by Lisa Zins/Creative Commons License]

Billions of Brood X cicadas have come and gone, but now a new and significantly bigger type of cicada has replaced them.

According to the Arthropod Museum, the insects are scientifically called Neotibicen canicularis.

Still, they are often referred to as ‘dog-day cicadas’ because they emerge during the hottest months of summer.

Officials at Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain Park said dog-day cicadas have bright green, see-through wings and enormous eyes. Unlike Bood X, who make their appearance every 17 years, this type of insect makes an appearance every year.

“They are harmless, but like all cicadas, they like to scream.” according to a Catoctin Mountain Park Facebook post.

As per the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, this cicada species could be found from South Carolina, Maine, Oklahoma, and the Dakotas.

The University of Arkansas’ Arthropod Museum says they usually emerge in July. 

According to Texas A&M University, adults can get up to more than an inch long and half an inch wide. Summer is when they, very audibly, begin their mating process. 

According to the university, male cicadas will rest on tree trunks and branches and “sing” to get the female cicada’s attention. 



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