'Only in Australia': Shoppers stunned as 10-foot diamond python spotted in spice rack at a local grocery store.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Guardian Aus] [Photo by Nico Nelson/Creative Commons License]

A Woolworths supermarket spokesperson called it “a rare and slippery customer,” as a 10-foot-long snake slithered along a shelf in its spice section, surprising shoppers.   

The incident happened at the Glenorie store in northwest Sydney.

Hilary Leigh captioned it, “Only in Australia!” when she shared a video of the diamond python on Facebook

Once sighted, the supermarket spokesperson said that Woolworths staff “reacted quickly and calmly” to cordon off the area for customer safety.

Luckily, fellow shopper Helaina Alati was a volunteer snake catcher. She quickly went home, grabbed the necessary equipment, drove back, and safely removed the non-venomous snake. 

The python was released into nearby bushland.

“The snake was curled up behind the spices. It was chill and not aggressive. It just wanted to say hello.” Alati told news agencies

The Australian Museum said that diamond pythons often go undetected in Sydney because they are slow-moving and nocturnal. 

These particular snakes are mostly found in national parks and bushland areas. They are not considered endangered, the museum states on its website.



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