Colorado man arrested for feeding cooked hamburger meat stuffed with rat poison to neighbor's dogs
[Twitter Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Washington County Sheriff's Office]

Washington County Sheriff’s Office said that a 57-year-old Oregon man is behind bars after neighbors accused him of feeding their dogs with rat poison.

Shannon and John Motter, who live in the Bethany area, told authorities that someone had thrown cooked meat stuffed with rat poison into their backyard on three separate occasions this week.

One of the couple’s small dogs ate one of the poisoned patties on Monday.

Police investigated on Wednesday and after speaking to the couple’s neighbor, Erik Mighells they determined that he was responsible for throwing the poisoned meat.

Mighells was booked for first-degree animal abuse charges.

Officers said the poisoned dog was taken to a nearby veterinary clinic and would have to go through several follow-up visits to determine if it will make a full recovery.

Mouse and rat poisons, referred to as rodenticides, have highly toxic chemicals that can cause dogs to suffer from kidney failure, organ damage, internal bleeding, and death.



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