Overcome. Adapt. Improvise: Dexter, the determined dog, learned to walk like a human after being hit by a truck, and now he's an internet sensation.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: 9News]

After he lost one of his front legs and needing metal pins, Dexter, a 6-year-old Brittany spaniel, could not walk like an average dog anymore. But the determined dog is far from ‘average.’ 

Perhaps out of necessity, ingenuity, or simply observing how easily humans do it, Dexter decided that he’ll walk again, using his hind legs.  

Dexter is almost exclusively bipedal now, and he’s famous online for it.  

Kentee Pasek, his ‘paw parent,’ said, “They know Dexter more than they know us. Everyone in town knows him.”  

Dexter lives in the Colorado town of Ouray and transitioned to two-legged walking after a 2016 accident.  

He got out of the house and ran into a busy road where a truck clipped his front legs.  

Dexter needed several surgeries and physical therapy. The veterinarian had to amputate his right-front leg and put metal pins into the left limb. 

Missing two working front legs did not deter the dog; he learned to walk upright using his two back legs.  

One day, someone captured Dexter on a stroll, uploaded it online, and now, he’s amassed millions of likes on TikTok and Instagram.   

Front Legs? Who Needs ‘Em?! Definitely not Dexter the Doggo



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