Paralyzed rescue dog courageously tests out his new wheelchair ramp in heartwarming video.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: The Tucker Farm]

A wheelchair-using rescue dog showed off his bravery in a recent video uploaded on Facebook. 

The heartwarming video shows a paralyzed pup named Benny barking with excitement over his brand new present – a newly installed ramp in his home.   

The Tucker Farm, a family-run animal rescue and farm in Acworth, Georgia, fostered the golden doodle before being diagnosed with a spinal deformity

Benny tried out his first dog wheelchair in April.

His owner, Elizabeth LaBauve of the Tucker Farm, can be heard in the video praising Benny as a “good boy” and giving him some treats.

“Benny is so excited about his new ramp! Now to master it!” Tucker Farm wrote on social media.



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