Performing circus bear dressed in a hat and scarf attacks female trainer TWICE in front of horrified children
[Photo by Adam Gerritsma/Creative Commons License] [YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Satumare]

A performing brown bear at a Russian circus attacked its female trainer mid-performance in front of shocked children and their families.

Recorded footage that has since gone viral shows a blonde woman clawed by a bear wearing a pink scarf and a hat. The incident happened during a performance in Berezovsky, in the Kemerovo region of Russia.

Additional footage shows the female trainer on the floor in apparent pain while the other trainers made the wild animal continue its routine.

The bear then takes another swipe at the woman, holding on to her foot and ankle before being grabbed by its scruff and pulled away by two male trainers.

According to multiple reports, a third attack happened; however, videos shared online do not show the mauling.

The female trainer did not seek medical treatment following the incident, according to sources.

The Harlequin Travelling Circus is known for dressing bears in human clothes – with some wearing tutus – and ‘prides itself on humane training of the animals’.

The Russian Investigative Committee is studying Saturday’s incident to check whether there were safety breaches during the performance – mainly as there appears to be no fence or barrier protecting spectators.

Despite video evidence, the circus has publicly denied that there was an attack.

‘There was no incident whatsoever, simply speaking, bears are now in mating season.’ according to a spokesman.



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