So you want to be a pet owner, but don’t know where to start? As a first time “buyer”, some people would either shop for a pet from certain pet stores – or adopt from animal shelters/rescues, foster centers, and local adoption centers. For us, adopting a pet is more rewarding in the long run than buying a particular place that breeds pets like a factory.

But why?

What we have here is a small list of why adopting a pet is better than buying one – because as I mentioned earlier, it’s more rewarding. Here’s why:

1.) Being kind and “environmentally conscious” – at least for a human. This is because you’re basically getting “recycled” materials as well as saving the life of a pet that may have been abandoned by irresponsible owners who don’t know how to take care of the little ones – or are rescued from not-so-completely legal pet factories that care more about profit than the animals they breed. And since they come from a shelter or rescue center, they’ve been nursed back to the best health they can get – along with being kept up-to-date on their immunizations – and best of all, you’ll be giving them the love they never got from their previous owners which they will return with equal enthusiasm.

2.) Most adoptable pets are house-trained already – depending on what animal. Rescued pets like some dogs and cats are already “trained” and comfortable inside a house. That means you won’t have to start from scratch for the most part, and they won’t take too long to get used to an unfamiliar place with you as their guide.

3.) Adopting pets are a little more “wallet-friendly” as they are not proverbially “branded” from a well-known breeder that makes getting a pet feel like it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.

4.) You’d be saving an unlucky animal’s life. There’s an alarming number of euthanized animals that would be greatly reduced if more people adopted pets instead of buying them. Some breeders will euthanize unsold pets wholesale as they have a quota to meet, and unsold ones will just be “digging into their profit margin” and are considered “a loss”. By adopting from your local animal shelter/rescue group, you’ll help save their lives – making more space in their location for other pets to be treated and adopted by the next person who comes along.

5.) You’ll be getting the steadfast loyalty of the pet you saved by adoption. The second chance at life that you’ve given them will rewarding on its own. In lifting their spirit by bringing them home, it will create a bond that will keep on growing as they will shower you with as much affection as you give them – sometimes more.



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