Plane Passenger Sparks Online Fury After Photo Of Her Draping Her Hair Over Back Of Her Seat Go Viral
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: Twitter/NYP]

Twitter exploded in disgust over a recently posted picture of a woman who draped her hair over a fellow passenger’s tray table and TV monitor behind her.  

The photo posted by Twitter user @Antman0528 went viral and was reshared on social media thousands of times, sparking a debate over proper airline etiquette.   

A recent survey conducted by Value Penguin found that 54% of Americans believe that the pandemic has caused manners to worsen during airline flights.   

Passengers surveyed said they were most annoyed in flight by people kicking seats, being inconsiderate to flight attendants, and traveling while being sick. 

Other pet peeves included:

  • Getting drunk.
  • Listening to music without headphones.
  • Consuming smelly food.
  • Holding up the security line.

Rules on how to wear your hair on board have largely flown under the radar – until now.



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