Rats, Rats Everywhere: Health Officials Shut Down Popeyes Restaurant After Viral Video Exposed Vermin Infestation
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: IE]

Pop some Pepto because this might make you hurl; a Popeyes restaurant in Washington, D.C., got shut down by health officials after a video of RATS scurrying around its kitchen went viral over the weekend.   

According to Fox5, the restaurant has been shut down, citing health code violations.

A TikTok user named blaqazzrick01 shared the video on social media.


#popeyeschicken #mickeymouse #ratsfarm #runandhide

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He explained on the footage that he delivers frozen chicken to the restaurant, and as the courier turned on the kitchen lights in the restaurant, gigantic rats started running for cover.   

“Still love that chicken?” the man says, poking fun at the company’s slogan. 

Popeyes has not yet released a statement over the video. 



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