Report: Hundreds of sharks moving into Florida canals to escape highly toxic Red Tide
[Photo by Alice Rosen/Creative Commons License] [YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: WFLA]

Mote Marine Lab and Aquarium researchers reported that hundreds of sharks that generally live in Sarasota Bay have been moving into the canals of Longboat Key, Florida, to get away from red time.

Blacktip, Bonnethead, Lemon, and Nurse sharks have been seen swimming in Crane’s Bayou, Buttonwood Harbor, and other canals and back bays on the east side of Longboat Key; Jack Morris, a senior biologist in Mote’s Shark and Rays Research, said.

“There isn’t much food in these areas, but it beats the alternative of swimming in waters with red tide, which decreases oxygen in the water and could kill them,” he added.

“It’s very unusual, but swimming into canals and back bays is a temporary thing for the animals to do. Sharks can swim away faster when they detect a red tide bloom.” Chief scientist for Ocearch Shark Tracker, Bob Hueter, said.

He assured the public that the sharks would leave when the red tide is gone and, and they will go back to their common areas.



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