RIP Bob Dole: WWII hero and stalwart of the Senate passes away in his sleep at age 98
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: NBCN]

Former presidential hopeful and Republican stalwart, Bob Dole who is easily one of Washington’s most recognizable figures, passed away Sunday.  

His wife, Elizabeth Dole, announced that he died in his sleep on social media.

Bob Dole was one of the most influential Senators on Capitol Hill during his 36-year career. 

Robert Joseph Dole was born July 22, 1923. He was the eldest of four children. 

His father ran a cream and egg business and managed a grain elevator, and his mother sold sewing machines and vacuum cleaners to help support the family during the Depression. 

Dole attended the University of Kansas for two years before enlisting in the Army in 1943.

Dole met Phyllis Holden, a therapist at a military hospital, as he was recovering from his war wounds in 1948. They were married and had a daughter, Robin. The couple divorced in 1972.

Dole began his political career while a student at Washburn University, winning a seat in the Kansas House.

He met his second wife, Elizabeth Dole while working for the Nixon White House. 

She also served on the Federal Trade Commission and as transportation secretary and labor secretary while Dole was in the Senate. They married in 1975.



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