Russian woman argues with a guest at a forest wedding, storms off, gets lost, is now feared eaten by a pack of wild brown bears
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Nongor]

A woman from Russia is feared to have been killed and eaten by a pack of wild brown bears after she reportedly stormed off a FOREST wedding celebration after getting into a fight with a guest.

24-year-old Yana Balobanova made several desperate calls from her mobile cell phone to say that she was lost in an extremely remote area of Sverdlovsk, Russia, but rescuers could not locate her.

According to reports, trained sniffer dogs were used to track her, but the canines became extremely agitated when her trail crossed with the smell of several bears.

“It has been over a month, and it is not possible anymore for this woman to still be alive,” Wildlife inspector Andrei Sakulin said.

‘If a person accidentally finds themselves between a bear and her cubs, the predator can attack immediately and harshly, without growls and warnings.

It has been reported that there’s a possibility that bears might have buried her body.



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