Size doesn’t matter when it comes to Blue Whales. They arguably are the biggest animals to ever have existed, but they are notoriously the hardest to find.

University of NSW scientists in Sydney are sure that they have discovered a new population of the smallest subspecies of blue whales, the Pygmy Blue Whale in the Indian Ocean.

What gave these reclusive animals away? It was the whale species’ extremely loud singing that was detected and recorded by underwater bomb detectors.

Senior author of the study and marine ecologist, Professor Tracey Rogers, said that they were surprised to find a whole new group of pygmy blue whales right in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

He opined that they still don’t know how many whales are in this pod but claims that judging from the number of calls their instruments are picking up, it is enormous.

Rogers went on to say that blue whale populations in the Southern Hemisphere are barely 0.15 percent and are still recovering.

Marine biologists have estimated that the entirety of the blue whale species population barely survived the whaling age during the mid 19th century.



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