Scientists Genetically Engineer Horrific Spider-Like Creatures Dubbed, 'Daddy Short Legs.'
[Twitter Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: The Royal Society]

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW–Madison) have genetically engineered arachnids known as Daddy Long Legs to create a hybrid creature with shorter legs. 

Why, you ask? For science, of course. 

The mutated version of the Daddy Long Legs was created to observe the evolutionary processes that cause the spider’s legs to grow in extreme length in natural circumstances. 

The daunting experiment was spearheaded by Guilherme Gainett and his team of scientists.

The geneticists turned off a switch. Using a scientific technique called ‘RNA Interference,’ genes responsible for the development of much longer legs in the creature were subdued.  

Through this technique, hundreds of Daddy Long Legs embryos were genetically modified. The disturbing results showed produced spiders with much shorter legs.  

In research paperwork published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, it was shown that the modification in the legs of the arachnids caused them the ability to grasp on sticks. 

Lead researcher Gainett told CNET that they are trying to understand the evolutionary process that gave the spiders their long legs and other features such as fangs.

For the arachnophobic among us, let’s hope the scientists don’t end up with giant daddy long legs the next time they genetically engineer the creatures.



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