[ Photo by Josh More Creative Commons License, used with permission]

Authorities said Thursday that a 12-foot python that escaped its enclosure inside Louisiana’s largest shopping mall was finally found.

The snake was found inside of a wall in the mall around 3:30 a.m. July 8.

Together with the zoo staff, animal control closed the establishment on Tuesday and Wednesday for the search.

A Zoo worker who did not wish to be named said that security camera video showed the serpent leaving its enclosure and slowly making its way up the store’s ceiling.

WBRZ-TV reported that the snake was recaptured in a ceiling crawl space after being reported missing two days ago.

The yellow and white Burmese python was carried down from the mall’s ceiling by workers and was taken for a health check to the Louisiana School of Veterinary Medicine.

Cara, the python, weighs about 150-pounds and is a non-poisonous snake. She interacts with guests at the Blue Zoo located inside the mall.

The Blue Zoo is currently launching an investigation on how the snaked escaped his enclosure.



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