Shark attacks surf instructor off the Georgia coastline, narrowly missing children he was teaching by mere INCHES
[Photo By Vic DeLeon/Creative Commons License] [YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: WJCL]

A shark attacked surf instructor Atsushi Yamada while he was taking a group of his Happy Surf Camp Aloha students for surfing lessons off Tybee Island in Georgia.

Emergency services had to clear the beach for a few hours after the attack, according to Atlanta broadcaster WJCL-TV.

Captain Chip Michalove, the owner of Outcast Sports Fishing, is confident that Atsushi Yamada, also known locally as “Hot Sushi,” may have been mauled by a Blacktip shark.

Yamada posted pictures of emergency crews attending to his leg on Facebook.

This incident happened as beachgoers in North Carolina started sharing heart-stopping pictures on social media of multiple dorsal fins sticking out of the ocean that belonged to very large sharks prowling close to the Oak Island shoreline last Sunday.



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