Teddy, the Surfside condo collapse response dog, brought comfort to families and first responders, now unable to walk, in need of help himself.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: CBS]

A therapy dog who helped provide emotional relief after the Surfside collapse in Miami is now in need of help himself.

Teddy, a trained crisis-response dog from Philadelphia, spent three weeks working in Surfside, Florida, providing psychological comfort for those mourning and searching for loved ones lost in the collapse.

Sadly, the six-year-old basset hound-lab mix got hurt while helping workers dig through the rubble.

On Wednesday, July 14th, after weeks of non-stop caregiving, Teddy awoke unable to pick himself up. His back legs just stopped working. X-rays showed potential torn ligaments in his knees and a possible herniated disk.

Owner Sophia Barrett told Fox News, “He’s such an active dog, I’m scared of him not being able to walk again. It would impact the quality of his life.”

Along with physical therapy, Teddy is also undergoing acupuncture to relieve his pain and is receiving laser therapy.

Teddy’s veterinarian stressed that flying the hero dog on a commercial flight back home to Philadelphia would be too stressful.

Driving would be too difficult for him, so Sophia Barrett asked for help online.

Titan Aviation Group Owner Dirk Vander Sterre quickly offered his assistance.

He said, “I wanted to be involved. What Teddy was doing down there was great.”



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