[Photo by Sgrace/Creative Commons License]

You got weed problems, and it don’t look good, who you gonna call — GOATS BUSTERS!!!

Invasive weeds, beware! Wednesday was the official start of Manhattan’s Riverside Park’s 2nd annual, ‘Running of the Goats’ event.

Before you start comparing it to the ‘Running of the Bulls’ event in Spain, this is not as exciting or dangerous as you might think.

Two dozen goats from Green Goats farm were let loose inside the park too much on overgrown invasive weeds and plants.

It’s an environmental win-win situation. The goats get an all-you-can-eat buffet of delicious brush, and the Riverside Park Conservancy won’t spend on expensive and possibly dangerous chemicals to remove invasive weeds. The goats are nature’s weed whackers.

Riverside Park Conservancy C.E.O. and president Dan Garodnick said, “Goats can easily traverse the hard-to-reach terrain and gulp down porcelain berry, multiflora rose, and even poison ivy without giving it a second thought.”

There’s even a Goat G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) contest, with the winning goat to be announced by summer’s end.

Of the 24 goats, five lucky ones will stay at the park until the end of August and will have a feast of two acres of yummy weeds.

Jordon Martins-Cihanek of Green Goats farm said, “They can eat a lot of their body weight, they’re cute, and they’ll neutralize the seeds of the invasive species so they won’t get the chance to be replanted.”

“And you know they’ll work longer days than the landscapers.”



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