Orca Attack
[YouTube Screen Capture/Fair Use/Credit: SWNS]

The movie ‘Free Willy’ ingrained in our brains that KILLER WHALES are harmless, adorable even.

A British yacht crew would have to disagree as they had no choice but to fend off a pod of 30 25-foot orcas that attacked their vessel near Gibraltar.

Terrifying footage, captured by Martin Evans, 45, one of three British crew members, shows several orcas making a coordinated attack; some of them were diving underneath the boat while others swam on each side.

Still, others would jump above the water less than three feet away from the ship.

The predators reportedly slammed the yacht’s hull relentlessly for two hours, according to The Sun.

Later in the video clip, the rudder was shown to have been shredded by the animals.

It wasn’t like watching dolphins come up to the side of the boat and swim along. These killer whales had a plan and were angry; this was orchestrated, Evans said.



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