[Image by Alex Proimos - Creative Commons License]

Drunk buffaloes inadvertently exposed an illegal stash of moonshine in India. 

The inebriated cattle’s unusual behavior led authorities to investigate three farmers that uncovered a throve of illegal alcohol.   

The Times of India reported Wednesday that police seized 101 bottles of moonshine in the state of Gujarat, and the owners of the buffalo were arrested. 

The incident came about when one of the farmers called a vet because one of the buffaloes had started frothing in the mouth and had stopped eating.  

The following day, the farmers called a different vet after the herd continued frothing in the mouth but have begun randomly jumping around for no reason.  

The second veterinarian noticed that the water from the trough had a yellowish color and smelled strange. 

As per The Times, the farmer told the vet that the color change was due to branches falling into the water. Unconvinced, the vet alerted the authorities after leaving the stable.  

When the police raided the property, they discovered $430.00 worth of alcohol hidden inside the trough. 

The damaged bottles had probably leaked alcohol onto the animals drinking water and consequently got them drunk, according to authorities. 

The buffaloes are fine now. They are just nursing significant hangovers. 



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