Three-year-old Massachusetts girl attacked by COYOTE on Cape Cod Beach, according to the National Park Service
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: WCVB]

A coyote attacked a 3-year-old child on the Cape Cod National Seashore, prompting concerns of a rabies infection.

The little girl was taken to Cape Cod Hospital with what officials from the National Park Service described as non-life-threatening injuries.

The coyote was later identified, shot, and killed by responding rangers.

The animal was tested for rabies the following day, which came out negative.

Park Rangers have responded to recent variously reported occurrences involving coyotes being aggressive to humans around Provincetown in the past few months.

In a released statement, the agency said that coyotes become habituated and bold in obtaining food when people do not properly dispose food scraps or leave food on the beach.

It continued: “When wild animals lose their fear of people, they behave unpredictably and aggressively, resulting in injuries to people and a sad ending for the habituated animal.”

NPS said rangers have responded to numerous incidents of coyotes acting assertively toward people throughout the summer.

When an animal infected with rabies bites a human, the virus is transmitted from the saliva into the open wound, travels into the nerves, then spreads to the spinal cord and brain, where it could prove fatal.



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