Tokyo Olympics: Swiss team says 14 year-old horse used in equestrian competition euthanized after leg injury.
[Twitter Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: 12News]

Swiss horse Jet Set was put down on Sunday after fracturing his leg during an eventing race at the Tokyo Olympics.

The 14-year-old horse was in extreme pain after his fall and had to be euthanized due to the severity of the injury, the Swiss Olympic Committee said.

Eventing is a competition where riders and their horses compete in three categories – cross-country, showjumping, and dressage.

In the showjumping category, riders make their horses jump while racing at speeds reaching 21 mph.

Jet Set was hurt after jumping and falling in the final obstacle course. The race had to be halted to get a veterinarian to check the horse.

Journalist Patty Huntington posted on Twitter, “It’s a bloody dangerous sport, with often ludicrous obstacles. Jet Set is the fourth horse to die this year in cross country competition.”

In a prepared statement, the Equestrian Federation said that ultrasound scans revealed an irreparable rupture in the lower right limb ligament, just above the hoof. The decision was made to put the horse to sleep after consulting with the owners on humane grounds.

Jet Set’s rider, Robin Godel, was unharmed.



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