Dead Salmon
[Photo by Michael Hunter/Creative Commons License]

6PPD is a chemical used in the making of tires to protect against ozone in the air.

A study last year discovered that a previously unknown quinone analog – 6PPD Quinone is released when the rubber material of tires makes contact with the road.

Scientists at Washington State University say this deadly chemical leaks into lakes and streams, poisoning the fish.

U.S. House Natural Resources Committee members and scientists say that salmon and trout are dying from exposure to 6PPD Quinone in the Pacific Northwest.

House Natural Resources Oversight Subcommittee chair Rep. Katie Porter said, “The chemical causes the salmon’s blood to thicken, and they suffocate.”

Lab testing commissioned by advocacy groups found elevated chemical levels in the rubber mats made from recycled tires used as padding in playgrounds and sports fields.



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