VIDEO: Brave Yorkie protects her 10-year-old owner from a coyote attack
[Photo by Anne Davis 773/Creative Commons License] [YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Toronto Sun]

The bravery of a tiny Yorkie protecting her 10-year-old owner from a wild animal several times its size was caught on a surveillance camera.

The video shows Lily Kwan screaming for help while pulling Macy, her 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier, by the leash while a huge coyote chases after them.

In the footage, Lily drops the leash to get help from neighbors, at which point Macy the Yorkie begins to fight the coyote to protect her owner.

According to Lily’s mom, Dorothy Kwan, the dog was injured on her leg and torso and ended up needing surgery at an animal hospital.

Macy was rushed to the ICU with multiple puncture wounds from the coyote attack.

Dorothy posted an update on social media to those following along, sharing that Macy is doing fine.

“I’m not surprised that she (Macy) did that; my dog would do anything for our family,” Dorothy told News 6. “I would never guess that a coyote, you know, would come out during the day and especially with someone screaming and yelling it still was not fazed, it just kept coming after her and our dog, you know, despite all the yelling, it was quite aggressive.”

“She’s our little hero,” she added of Macy.



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