VIDEO: Brazilian Boy Born With Rare 5-Inch Tail With Ball On The End
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: NYP]

Brazilian doctors were astonished by the case of a boy born with an actual human tail, which according to the Journal of Pediatric Case Surgery, is an extremely rare congenital anomaly. 


Per the research, the unnamed infant’s “epic tail” began sprouting in the womb where, like all babies, he developed an embryonic appendage around four to eight weeks after gestation.

The boy is one of less than 40 recorded babies to be born with a tail.

Surgeons described the poppy-like tail appendage as a “ball and chain.”

Despite not suffering any complications from his fifth limb, the family opted to remove the “ball and chain.”

However, the study didn’t disclose why they chose to do so (i.e., whether it was causing him pain or discomfort) — or the details of how the procedure was carried out.



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