Video: Chilling moment, alligator bites Utah zoo handler's arm and barrel-rolled her as bystanders jump into the enclosure to save her.
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: Theresa Wiseman]

A Good Samaritan at a Utah wildlife park sprang into action and saved the day when an agitated alligator bit its handler during an animal show and dragged her inside its enclosure.

Video at Scales and Tails in West Valley, Utah, shows a gator biting down on a handler’s hand as she jumped into the enclosure to ensure the animal doesn’t snap her hand off.

That’s when the gator started whipping the woman underwater in a maneuver known as a ‘death roll.’

Brave zoogoer Donnie Wiseman shouted, “Hey! We’ve got trouble,” as he realized what was going on.

He leaped inside the glass enclosure and held the gator down as the trainer calmly instructed him on how to get the animal under control.

The woman finally broke free and was quickly pulled to safety by Todd Christopher, another audience member.

Amy Christopher, Todd’s wife, who had a nursing background, quickly administered first aid before the EMTs’ arrival.

Scales and Tails Utah said that the alligator handler is recovering and doing very well in a Facebook post.

Park management posted a message of thanks on their Facebook page yesterday, Sunday, August 15.



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