VIDEO: Country Singer Brett Eldredge Who Famously Found A Snake In His Toilet, Encounters Hungry Bear In North Carolina Home.
[Instagram Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: Brett Eldredge]

Country singer Brett Eldredge, who found a snake in his toilet in 2017, had another brush with wild animals this week. This time he had a run-in with a bear at his residence in North Carolina.

Eldredge recorded and shared his brief but scary encounter with a young black bear on his Instagram account.

In the Instagram video, the hungry bear can be seen turning over a garbage bin stored in the garage. Eldredge can be heard making loud noises in an attempt to scare the bear away.

The animal eventually loses interest and leaves.

Eldredge’s experience comes at a time when bear encounters are rising in the Tar Heel State.

The NCWRC (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission) reported a massive increase in black bear sightings this spring, mainly because more people encroach on bears’ natural habitat.



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