VIDEO: Florida fishermen slammed for pinning down a LIVE sand tiger shark and using its teeth to open a can of beer
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Cody Scott]

After posting a TikTok video of them using a live sand tiger shark as a can opener, a group of fishermen from Florida are in hot water right now.

The disturbing footage posted by Wyatt Dallison on his OutdoorChaos account shows one of his holding the shark’s mouth open.

At the same time, another friend, Cody Scott, smashes an aluminum beer can on its teeth.

The shark recoiled backward, gasping for air with the beer can stuck to its bottom jaw.

The animal eventually shakes it off, and Scott drinks from the puncture hole.

The group was criticized online, with people pointing out that what they did might be illegal.

The National Marine Fisheries Service confirmed that removing certain protected shark species from the water is illegal, such as a sand tiger shark. It is mandated that their gills must always remain submerged.

Scott from Pine Grove, West Virginia, reiterated in the video that the shark was unharmed.

“The game warden warned me after the video was shot, yes, it is illegal to remove a shark out of the water,” he said.

Dallison added that they were not trying to harm the fish but understands how people can see their actions as highly disrespectful.

‘It probably wasn’t the greatest idea, and it still got water in its gills. People, they’ll think what they want to think; that’s allowed. We were just having fun.’ Dallison said.

The video posted through the pals’ channel, Outdoor Chaos, has received more than 62,000 views, with many comments about their disgust and annoyance.



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