VIDEO: Hundreds of Sparrows Mysteriously Drop Dead From The Sky, Raining All Over Cemetery
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: Belani]

Footage was recently released by news agencies from Indonesia of hundreds of dying or dead sparrows falling from the sky in Bali’s Gianyar regency.

The incident had both authorities and locals puzzled by the whole situation.

Reports indicate that the mas avian die-off happened almost immediately after short monsoon rain and heavy wind, leaving residents assuming that the atmospheric conditions might have caused the phenomenon.

A spokesperson from Bali’s Natural Resource Conservation Center initially attributed the mass deaths to acid content in the rain.

“It’s possible that it caused the birds to fall from the sky.”

However, following field visits by the authorities, it was eventually revealed that the cause of the deaths was the use of pesticides in a nearby village, which had caused the birds to fall prey to heavy poisoning.



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