Video of a Florida man using an alligator's mouth to open a can of beer has gone viral
[Photo by Wanda Raines/Creative Commons License] [YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Ganguteli Virals]

A video showcasing a man in a red t-shirt using an alligator to open a beer can has gone viral.

The footage has the Florida man on board an airboat enticing an alligator in the water by tapping on its head.

When the alligator instinctually opened its mouth, the man quickly pierces a can of beer on its teeth then hands the beverage to a man next to him, who starts excitedly drinking it.

The stunt drew loud cheers from the small group in the airboat.

The alligator was unharmed during the incident.

On Twitter, the stunt drew a mixed bag of reactions.

While some condemned the use of the alligator as a prop, others applauded the man’s ingenuity.



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