VIDEO: Tom Hanks Crashes Wedding On Southern California Beach
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: FXN]

When Tom Hanks crashes your wedding… what do you do? It happened – and this time right here in Southern California.

Diciembre and Tashia Farries were getting married on Santa Monica beach over the weekend.

A big moment, with their families and one-year-old son. 

Suddenly there he was – Tom Hanks, walking up to say hello. He told them he’d been watching the wedding and thought they were beautiful and asked if he could take a photo with them.

Keep in mind, Tashia, as a private celebrity chef, is used to stars, but this took her and everyone at the wedding aback! 

Diciembre’s brother wasn’t at the wedding; he’d passed away.

A photo of him sat on one of the chairs when they found out the actor had the same birthday.

“It was like that was a message that he was there!” they explained.

So what did they do? They took photos with the star, chatted a while, and created lifelong memories of a truly unforgettable wedding! 



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