[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Naust Eco Station]

While zoologists were studying the behavior of denning wolves in the Naliboki region of western Belarus, their trail cam manages to record a large brown bear stumbling upon a wolf den.

The den had several very young wolf pups inside, AKA food for a ravenous bear.

The zoologist wrote about how the bear quickly dug up and destroyed the den to get to the pups in a blog.

As per their notes, the parent wolves observed the bear from a distance but did not attack.

After the bear left, the wolves inspected the den-site but quickly departed.

Because the motion-detecting camera didn’t capture the bear down in the den, you don’t get to see the carnage (probably for the best), but it’s safe to say that none of the pups survived the attack.

When the adult wolves returned, they didn’t find anything but a home in ruins.



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