Annoyed Cat
[Photo by Lucie Provencher/Creative Commons License]

Was your kitty cat brushing you off during the pandemic? Well, you are not alone.

According to a new study by Australia’s James Cook University, half of cat-owners have reported paranoid suspicions that their increased presence during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown have ‘turned off’ their cats.

The study looked into how pet ownership interacted with reported mindfulness, anxiety, and depression levels during the lockdown.

Among the 400 people surveyed, it found that simply owning a dog was enough to improve an owner’s mood, but cats?

Well, cats are a different story. Cat owners have reported that their pets did not necessarily return their affections.

Doctor Jessica Oliva, who led the study, said that for most people, it was the first time they got to experience a day in the life of their pets.

The study showed that 50% of cat owners claim that their cats acted in ways that would suggest that the owners were invading the cat’s space.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, 100% of dog owners reported that their dogs were happy with their owners being home all the time.

But Dr. Oliva warned that travel would not permanently be restricted, and people could in the future spend less time working from home, so they needed to be sure they could care for a pet for the entirety of its life.

“While it’s great that lots of cats and dogs have been rehomed from shelters since the beginning of the pandemic, this should still be a really well thought out decision reflecting a commitment to care for and enrich the life of the animal; for the duration of its lifetime.”



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