Cats and dogs are not too dissimilar when it comes to showing affection to you in their own little ways. And while dogs are pretty much more expressive in showering you with affection, especially when they bond with you – cats are a little more “sly” about it.

With cats:

  • – They’ll knead you, and also caress you.
  • – The give you little headbutts as they lean into you.
  • – They will sometimes wrap their tail around you and rub against you as they pass to mark you as theirs.
  • – They show you their bellies and behinds – showing you their vulnerable sides in a declaration of trust.
  • – When you find them looking at you, they’ll slowly blink – a sure sign saying “I love you”.
  • – They bring you presents – “gifting” is a term of endearment for them. This is common most often with cats that are more outdoors-y types that bring you their extra prey.
  • – They give you “love bites” – this is straight up affection in the same way they also give their fellow cats affection – same thing with grooming you by licking you.
  • – They’ll purr and meow at you – that’s them giving you a speech and a sign of appreciation.

With dogs:

  • – They make eye contact a lot.
  • – They’ll check in on you from time to time, even when on a leash and chasing that thing that distracted them. They will always come back to check in on you.
  • – They’ll ALWAYS greet you when you return home, jumping for joy and attention.
  • – They’re calm and relaxed around you, they’re saying that they feel safe with you around.
  • – They’ll snuggle anything and everything that has your scent on it; be it shoes, bed sheets, etc.
  • – They’ll always give you their 100% undivided attention when you speak to them.
  • – They’ll seek out physical affection, leaning into you, be playful, etc.
  • – They can sense your emotions and will respond accordingly; cheering you up, guarding you, and will show jealousy sometimes if you somehow forget them.

That’s pretty much it; unless you really want to test it and be like this guy that got surprising results:



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