We got poop everywhere: Florida has a feral chicken problem, and city commissioners are taking action.
[Photo by Daniel M. Hendricks/Creative Commons License]

Colorful chickens run free range all over Key West, Florida, giving the Southernmost City a charming colonial Spanish throwback feel.

There’s only one major problem. Locals overfeed these chickens and, as a result — a lot of chicken poop everywhere.

Fear not. City commissioners are taking action, not by round up the birds for a massive fried chicken feast; nope, they’re going after their ‘enablers.’

Feeding the feral birdies that roam Key West is a popular pastime for most retired senior citizens.

But for most people, chicken dung and the potential spread of disease is alarming.

Not to mention property damage and the birdies’ tendency to bite and nip if they are not fed.

City leaders have unanimously approved a law banning feeding feral chickens.

People who feed them would be punished with $250 fees per day for a first violation and $500 per day for repeat offenders under the ordinance.

“We got [chicken] poop everywhere,” Key West Commissioner Clayton Lopez said.

Lopez added that chickens have dug up the gardens surrounding the city’s historic post office, with the concrete walkways now coated in poop.

The Key West Wildlife Center said that they had captured 1,800 chickens in 2020 alone.

Lopez said that caught chickens are sent to breeding farms and are not eaten.



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