Australia has a cat problem. More specifically, a domestic cat problem. 

According to a research paper from Australia’s National Environment Programme published this June, domestic cats are considered a worldwide invasive species.

In Australia alone, feral cats have been responsible for killing about 2 billion frogs, birds, mammals, reptiles, and mammals each year, the paper said. They have also been partly responsible for the extinction of 34 mammals endemic to Australia, the paper claims. 

Starting in October, one municipality in the Australian city of Melbourne will be implementing a “24-hour cat curfew”.
The new regulation will require owners to keep their cats on their property at all times, as introduced by the Knox City Council.

The council said, “All wandering cats may be picked up, and fines may be issued.”

However, an online petition started by residents calling for the new rule to be reviewed has received over 740 signatures and is gaining a lot of traction. The petition pointed out that the curfew will remove an older cat’s ‘basic freedom’ to roam and jeopardize its well-being, which they insist the Knox Council needs to consider.

As a compromise, the petition suggested that the council should impose restrictions on newly registered kittens still young enough to be conditioned.



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