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Most of us humans love dogs, so much so that they have become a huge part of our family. But there are times when for no reason apparent to you, they will suddenly bite you or your child.

So what do you do?

Dogs will most often bite in response to a stressful situation as a defense mechanism. It’s something inherently natural to them, and cannot be trained out of at all. All canines will respond differently to different stimuli or stress, whether it be due to loud noises, activity, and/or anxiety to something you may initially not be aware of. That said; dogs have varying bites threshold, going from very mild, to very strong.

But a bite is a bite.

If that happens at home, here are a few tips:

  • – remove the dog from you or your child’s vicinity immediately.
  • – getting them away from whoever they are attacking minimizes further injury to any involved.
  • – assess the injury ASAP, administer first aid and clean the wound immediately.
  • – depending on the severity of the bite, seek emergency medical attention.

After that, you may have a hard decision to make. Regardless of how much you and your family love that dog, humans will have to come first – especially if the child being attacked is a toddler that needs constant supervision with a dog around.

  • – study the dog’s behavior, see what is causing them to become agitated enough to bite someone.
  • – minimize whatever is causing said agitated behavior, or completely remove it.
  • – never punish the dog harshly; they may wise up and start attacking the moment your back is turned.
  • – no matter how well “trained” they are, they are still predators even while domesticated. You cannot train out natural instincts into oblivion.
  • – if the dog attacks again despite all your safety measures in place, the dog may be deemed too dangerous to keep.

That last bit means that you’ve tried all options available to you. And as we all know, some breeds are more aggressive than others no matter how many times they’ve gone to obedience school – it won’t take. As bad as the idea will be, the dog may not be suitable for your home.

But what happens if the dog attacks someone while you are out on a walk? What do you do?

I’ve found this video below that may help; it’s not an endorsement though, nor is it legal advice. Dog bites and dog attacks are always handled differently from state to state, and from country to country. The video that attorney Barry Zlotowicz made below just gives some common sense advice in what to do, what to expect, and some steps to follow when the incident happens outside among the general public.

Dogs will always be human’s best friends – with some exceptions. Always remember that not every dog breed will be perfect for your household. Just do your research, and independently study how your new friend will settle in your home – and how they are with your family over time.



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