Source: YouTube/local10news screenshots. Cheryn Smilen on trial and sentencing. Images manipulated by RKNTV

We’ve all heard about “crazy cat lady” stories every now and then, with most of them involving a sweet, little old lady with almost a mini-zoo complement of cats all around her house. This is the first time, at least in my opinion, that I’ve heard of one crazy cat lady “story” that literally went around the bend by hoarding cats and abusing them: a very literal crazy cat lady.

According to some local news reports out of Miami-Dade County, in Florida, an alleged former local animal advocate community member named Cheryn Smilen appeared for sentencing on at least more than two dozen charges of animal cruelty.

With the various testimonies from her former peers, they said that Ms. Smilen only pretended to be rescuing strays – possibly in order to personally pocket donations sent her way – when she was really actually hoarding at least dozens of cats that were found in horrific conditions. They were allegedly found starving, and that some are already dead and decomposing in her home when they found her out.

During the trial, everyone there could agree that it was the worst case of animal cruelty that they’ve seen in their district. The presiding judge, Judge Alberto Milian, even went on record stating about his disbelief of how cruel humans can be – in this case in regards to Ms. Smilen’s actions. Ms. Smilen was given a jail sentence for one year, and then to be kept on probation for 15 years after her 1 year jail term. She is also ordered not to have any contact with animals ever wherever she lives and can be searched without a warrant at any time via “random, unannounced inspections”.

Source: local10news

The only exception with an animal that they allowed would be an 18-year old dog owned by her elderly mother named Orion after her release from jail next year.



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