Wisconsin man reunited after almost two years with his missing dog after spotting his pup in a TV news segment about adoptable pets
[Facebook Screenshot/Fair Use: Credit: WHS]

According to UPI, a man who identified himself as ‘Dwight’ found his missing dog after spotting the pup in a TV report about adoptable pets in the Wisconsin area.

The owner called the news station after recognizing his long-lost dog named Payday.

According to the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS), Dwight forgot to turn off the television the night before and was woken up by the Adopt-A-Pet segment of a TV news program.

“Little brown dog with an adorable underbite” Dwight knew right away that that was his dog.

The family was able to track Payday down to the Wisconsin Humane Society campus in Milwaukee on that same day.

Dwight’s mom, Melissa, picked up the dog in a heartwarming reunion captured on camera that has since been shared on the WHS Facebook page.

In the video, the happy puppy excitedly jumps into the woman’s arms as if to say that he just wants to go home now.

Dwight told the Wisconsin Humane Society that “it only took one glance at the photo to immediately recognize (him) Payday,” according to the WHS.



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